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As seen in, Big Domain Name Moves from Industry Leaders Reports

The domain marketplace helps clients buy premium domain names.

An evolving business climate and a pandemic led to rebranding for two companies. The WizCommerce Group Inc. Additionally, both companies own ultra-premium domain names. acquired in February 2021 for a reported seven-figure sum and rebranded as Gem.

During its rebranding, Gem has added over 800 customers and tripled its annual recurring revenue with a valuation of $1.2B.

Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director at OnlineBusiness, said that a rebrand is incomplete without a domain name that belongs to the brand.

When businesses use to strategize their rebrand or buy a domain name, they will be able to acquire the best domain name in order to improve their credibility and brand power.

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New York, is a digital marketplace for domains that assists clients in obtaining premium domains that best fit their marketing and branding needs. Assisting those looking to buy a website with traffic as well as those looking to purchase a domain name. As such, their teams are always studying and researching the industry for the latest emerging trends and notable stories.

This year has seen many companies rebrand in the midst of the pandemic and an evolving business landscape. Two such companies that have successfully rebranded themselves, and did so with the foresight of knowing the importance of an ultra-premium domain name include Wizard Commerce Inc. and Gem.

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Learn About the Benefits of Ready-made Affiliate Websites at



The following is editorial commentary on the article Discusses the Advantages of Ready-Made Affiliate Websites, originally published by

Affiliate marketing industry growth is still strong, even with the pandemic affecting certain industries. Entrepreneurs who wish to launch an online business still have plenty of opportunities.

As part of, an online marketplace for premium domain names and starter sites, ready made affiliate websites are discussed as a business model for starting an online business.

If a person has the expertise and begins with one or affiliate websites, affiliate marketing can be a very stable business model.

A ready-made affiliate site allows you to get to market more quickly and you save time by skipping the design and development phases necessary for building your own site.

There are circumstances in which investing in affiliate websites is worthwhile, but not for everyone.

Entrepreneurs can find the perfect niche and website to start their online businesses with Our new clients receive a free consultation.

See a clipping of the article below, a digital marketplace for premium domain names and starter sites, is a resource for current and potential online business owners looking to start or grow their online businesses. Soon to launch is their DFY (Done for You), ready made affiliate websites, offering clients an affiliate website for sale. It is a growing industry that continues to see demand.

The U.S. affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow to $8.2 billion U.S. dollars by this year, a huge increase from $5.4 billion in 2017, according to Statista.

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Business Founding Member on the Rise of .xyz Domains



This commentary is by Katrina Cohen of

.xzy domains have an emerging industry and traditional gTLD advantages, according to

Alphabet, formerly known as Google, changed their domain name to .xyz was put on the map as a result.

The .xyz domain has over 4 million registered domains, making it the most popular new gTLD.

“We are seeing new trends as a result of an evolving internet, one of which is the wider acceptance of .xyz and other gTLDs,” said Michael Santiago, founder of

Companies looking for a new domain name can purchase .xyz domains at affordable prices.

The company has acquired the portfolio of .xyz domain names, and is offering free consultations to anyone looking for the right domain name.

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In its rebranding rollout plan, Alphabet, formerly known as Google, made, at that time, a radical decision in changing their domain name. With the relevant .com’s, and already taken they decided to use This put .xyz domains on the map and further legitimized the extension as an alternative to a .com.

.xyz’s are now one of the most popular new gTLD’s to start the year with more than 4 million domains registered, accounting for 16% of gTLDs market share, according to Statista. A big contributing factor in the 4 million domains registered is the movement of Web3 and the crypto industry. 

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Business Trends for 2022:



As seen first in, Reports 5 Business Trends to Adopt in 2022. Get more details of this trending headline.

In many cases, companies that pivoted during the pandemic have been rewarded for their strong business decisions by adopting new solutions to meet changing consumer needs.

According to, the pandemic showed just how fast marketing can change. For businesses to improve audience engagement and make data-driven decisions, artificial intelligence will be increasingly important, and consumers will be more interested in seeing short-form videos.

A company needs a strong digital presence to remain competitive, whether it’s by using a premium domain name or a ready-made starter website.’s marketplace helps startups and industry leaders get the right domain names and succeed online.

Domain names and starter websites are available for purchase on They help clients acquire the best domain names so that they can improve their credibility and recognition.

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New York, NY –, a reputable marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, predicts the top business trends that will help companies compete more effectively in 2022. As the global pandemic disrupted industries for the past couple of years, brands must reconsider their operations by embracing new growth opportunities occurring with technology and within society. emphasizes the importance of having a well-planned rebranding rollout plan to help companies pivot in the new year and adapt to the changing behavior of consumers.

“Many companies who pivoted during the pandemic, are now reaping the rewards by embracing new solutions to fill the changing needs of their consumers,” said Michael Santiago, founder of “We predict another big push in tech and AI [artificial intelligence] this year, where companies can begin to integrate more automation to help lower operating costs and at the same time, improve the customer experience and increase their brands’ authority in the marketplace.”

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