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Salvaje at Hyde Midtown and R House in Wynwood Close Out 2021 With New Year’s Events



Let’s be honest, we could all use a drink or two to close out 2021, and some good food and some great music, too. 

Lucky for us, Deco’s got a pair of parties that will definitely add pop to your cork.

Let’s get the party started! The countdown is on for 2022.

Salvaje at the Hyde Midtown Hotel in Miami is ready for a good time!

“We’re throwing this spectacular party, this wild masquerade party.”

The restaurant is welcoming the new year in style with yummy food, dancers, a live DJ and, of course, lots and lots of drinks.

“So our $300 ticket includes like a five course meal. It’s really nice. It’s this Mediterranean Japanese course. We’re also having an open bar from 10-12, so we can party and enjoy with some drinks.”

The theme of the night is masquerade, and there’s a reason behind it.

“A new year’s mysterious, and a masquerade is the perfect way to celebrate what’s gonna happen.”

This party totally wants you to wear a mask, but it might not be the one you’re thinking of.

“I would like to encourage everyone to dress up and to enjoy this glamorous night, this wild night. Our Salvaje night. Dress your mask, and if you don’t have your mask, don’t worry. I have masks for everyone here.”

Guest: “Of course I’m gonna dress up! I like to be playful. I wanna have fun and be, you know, mysterious.”

Athena Dion (drag out the night): “Happy New Year’s Eve, Miami, from your girl, Athena Dion.”

There’s an entirely different New Year’s Eve party going on in Wynwood at R House. It’s gonna be a drag, and that’s a good thing.

Athena Dion: “We have the best drag show in town, and we’re gonna be giving you all that drag extravaganza.”

If you show up here, you better be ready to work.

Athena Dion: “Audience participation is required for this drag show. This isn’t somewhere where you go and you sit back and you watch us do the show. You will be out of your seat many times during the night.”

You’re going to need to eat and drink as midnight comes closer. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of both to go around.

Rocco Carulli (a very tasty deal): “The first package is $85. It offers a four-course menu, a welcome toast and a New Year’s Eve toast. The second package is $185. Everything that is included in the first package, plus a bottle of Veuve Cliquot.”

This will be a night out where all the boxes are checked.

Rocco Carulli: “I think we have all the protocol in place, and we’re just gonna have a really good time.”

Guest: “When I think of New Year’s here, I know it’s going to be next level.”

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Rosenberg Says He ’caused Discomfort for a Valued Colleague,’ Leading to Departure As FIU President



A statement from the now former president of Florida International University has provided new insight into his sudden departure.

In the statement, issued Sunday, Dr. Mark Rosenberg thanked the community for their concern and alluded to inappropriate conduct toward a colleague.

He said his exit from the post he held since 2009 came after years of being the caregiver for his wife.

Rosenberg wrote, “Rosalie, a Type 1 diabetic on insulin for 45 years, has advanced dementia, [multiple sclerosis], and is largely wheelchair bound. I have been her nightly caregiver for over a decade. But Rosalie’s condition entered a new stage in just the last few months, resulting in further cognitive debilitation. When I finally realized the impact that her condition had on my personal well-being in late October, 2021, I sought professional mental health services and am still under a specialist’s care.”

He went on to write, “Regrettably, these issues spilled over to my work, and I caused discomfort for a valued colleague. I unintentionally created emotional (not physical) entanglement. I have apologized. I apologize to you. I take full responsibility and regret my actions.”

Rosenberg then explained that, “In consultation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, I realized that an immediate change would be healthy for all parties.”

Rosenberg’s departure on Friday night stunned students on campus.

“Honestly, I didn’t see it coming,” said FIU junior Maria Aguirre.

Rosenberg was the fifth president at FIU, taking the helm in 2009, and he was the first faculty member to ascend to that position. He’s credited with increasing enrollment to 58,000 students and improving the graduation rate by 23%.

“He was a really good president. I’m definitely going to remember him,” said FIU junior Katherine Cadavid.

But despite rave reviews and more than a decade of leadership, conspicuously missing from Friday afternoon’s Board of Trustees emergency meeting to appoint a new president was any mention of Rosenberg’s long list of accomplishments. In fact, his name was never mentioned at all.

The board addressed the matter in their own statement, also issued Sunday.

Dean Colson with FIU’s Board of Trustees wrote that Rosenberg’s statement “provides insight into why the Board did not believe Friday was the appropriate time to celebrate the many accomplishments of FIU the past 13 years. We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the events requiring his resignation.”

The only FIU official to mention his name publicly was the school’s new interim president, Dr. Kenneth Jessell, during a taped video message released Friday night.

“I want to thank former President Mark Rosenberg for his leadership and hard work in helping to make FIU what it is today. I know that we will continue to elevate our university to new heights.”

Rosenberg said he is now seeking additional help for his wife through the “inevitable progression of her condition.”

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Carvalho Hosts Last Meal Distribution in Miami Before Move to Los Angeles



Alberto Carvalho hosted his last meal distribution as superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

M-DCPS on Sunday provided 1,000 meals to local families who continue to struggle during the coronavirus pandemic.

The event, held near Northwest Eighth Street and 80th Avenue in Miami, is Carvalho’s last community feeding before he takes over the reins as superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Through the Family Meals-on-the-Go program, M-DCPS has partnered with individual donors, local organizations and local restaurant owners who donate funds to purchase food from local restaurants.


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Miami-Dade School Board to Interview 3 Candidates Amid Superintendent Search



Who will be Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ next superintendent? An upcoming meeting will likely prove instrumental to the three candidates currently vying for the position.

The Miami-Dade School Board has set up a special meeting on Monday afternoon. The applicants will be interviewed during the meeting.

Outgoing M-DCPS Superintendent Alberto Carvalho will be replaced by either Dr. Jose Dotres, Dr. Rafaela Espinal or Jacob Oliva.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the School Board Administration Building in Miami.


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